Support site for the DYC TongShu iPhone app.

Privacy Statement: DYC TongShu gathers no personal information of any kind.

Contact: d (at) darrengibbs (dot) info for support or questions.

For more information about Chinese almanac astrology, visit the Da Yuan Circle website here: Almanac Astrology



The home view displays fundamental almanac info for the current day along with auspice summary from Liu Ming.
One-finger swipe left or right to view the previous or following day.
Two-finger swipe left or right to skip by one week increments.



Tap "Hexagrams" or "Auspices" to switch between the
lunar and daily hexagrams and the solar/lunar auspice text.



To look up a specific day/time, tap on the date field at the top of the screen to show the date picker.



The application includes nearly 200 pages of notes on the Lunar Mansions, Solar Indices, Qi Nodes, and Earthly Branches from Liu Ming.

Tap on the name of thing you want to read about to open the document viewer.